NHDP - GRAB YOUR POPCORN, This One’s a Doozy

Rachel Maddow Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Why Scott Brown is Wrong for New Hampshire
Here’s a NHDP Viewing Guide to Maddow’s Review of Scott Brown’s Greatest Gaffes.

2:10--Brown claims to have had "secret meetings" with Kings and Queens. He didn't. Ever.
2:40--Brown falls for Osama Bin Laden internet hoax. Believed that fake pictures were real and defended them on TV.
2:57--Rachel notes that Brown's fake embarrassing, made up, wrong stuff has been unforced.
4:00--Brown says Hillary Clinton calls him constantly asking for votes....later to be revealed as false...by his office.
4:50--Brown accuses Rachel Maddow of trying to run against him for MA Senate, which was "really weird."
5:30--Brown mocks Elizabeth Warren for being part Native American--"Scott Brown X-ray ethnic vision."
6:45--Scott Brown's phantom "Bqhatevwr" tweet from his pants.
6:55--Changes twitter handle, which had been @ScottBrownMA, to @SenScottBrown so it wouldn't be awkward when he ran for Senate in New Hampshire.
8:15--Scott Brown stumbles, can't remember what state he is in.

0:23--Scott Brown butchers his new state's motto: "Live Free AND Die"--maybe you, buddy. But not us.
1:20--Brown says "do I have the best credentials? Probably not. Cause, you know, whatever."
1:50--Can't even get his paperwork right. Brown forgets to check off what party he belongs to and is "a little bit of a mess."
3:05--McConnell calls Scott Brown "an old friend of ours."
4:05--Brown launches campaign based on the premise that Obamacare would be a failure...but millions of people now have access to health insurance.
5:00—“Scott Brown was a terribly embarrassing Senator....”
8:00--As the National GOP start to quietly admit that ACA is working, Scott Brown "Mr. I'm Against Obamacare... cannot answer even basic questions about what the state he is running in should do about Obamacare...because expanding health insurance in New Hampshire probably at some level makes sense for New Hampshire...but being against Obamacare is the one thing people are supposed to know about Scott Brown that does not make them laugh out loud."