Rubens For US Senate - Jim Rubens Debates in Bedford

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Results of grassroots efforts being recognized


Tonight, the Bedford Republican Committee held a debate of Republican candidates for U.S. Senate.  Jim Rubens offers the following statement:

"I wish to thank the Bedford GOP for hosting this event tonight allowing voters to see that my campaign is about bold ideas and real solutions.  Obamacare has replaced Prohibition as the most-hated federal law and not only will I repeal Obamacare, but I will fight to replace it with solutions that harness market forces, increase consumer choice and do not require a federal takeover of healthcare. 

"I have a record of not only fighting for, but winning the legislative battles that improve people's lives.  My charter school law provides choice for parents, diversity of education opportunities, higher academic performance for children, and lower costs for taxpayers.  I launched debate over electricity choice and competition that has saved New Hampshire ratepayers millions.  I also voted to protect law-abiding gun owners in New Hampshire. 

"It's time to replace Jeanne Shaheen and her rubber-stamp support for President Obama's failed policies that compromise our Constitutional rights like spying on our email and phone calls.  Shaheen voted for a law that dictates which doctors and hospitals you can use.  Shaheen helped rack up another $7 trillion in debt that imperils our monetary system.  And Shaheen voted for a Syria bombing war would have sucked us into yet another Mideast military quagmire with no benefit to US national security.

“We can only defeat Shaheen by uniting Republicans around my energy and bold, thoughtful solutions to our nation's pressing jobs, economy, spending, and debt challenges.  My campaign is robust, fully funded and fully staffed.  I enjoyed the opportunity to engage with the voters, something I have been doing across the state.  These grassroots activists will decide who will be the Republican nominee in September."

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