Andy Martin set to drop "campaign bomb" on Scott Brown

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin provides his latest campaign letter and explains what Republicans and Independents can expect in the coming days


Andy is set to drop the first of his campaign “bombs” on Scott Brown later Thursday


(Manchester, NH) (May 1, 2014) 


Dear Republican and New Hampshire citizen:


It’s May 1st (Barack Obama’s favorite holiday) and I am back with another brief report.


Here are some thoughts for you to ponder as the U. S. Senate primary is set to begin in earnest:


     1. I hope to send you regular letters of this sort. As people are added to my email list (have any friends that want to join? Send us their addresses) they can absorb the personal relationship which is at the core of my campaign. I am a candidate you can often get on the phone. Not always, but almost always. I will be the same sort of senator in Washington. Close to you.


     2. Later today we are going to drop the first “bomb” on Scott Brown. It will be a shocker because none of you expect what is about to unfold.


     3. Scott Brown has never run in a real primary. In Massachusetts, there are so few Republicans that they all have to run. Here, we have five candidates for the senate to choose from.


     4. Some dirty tricksters within the New Hampshire Republican Party are trying to undermine my candidacy. We have a few bombs left for them. Those bombs start dropping Friday.


     5. The mainstream media are as corrupt as ever.


     6. I want to be clear about what is at stake in this election. The “three zombies” (Rubens, Smith and Testerman) are not even remotely credible candidates for the kind of national campaign that is going to be required to rattle Shaheen. Rubens claims he is in a “two-man” race. He must think he’s in a two-man race when he shaves in the morning. (I hope for Jim’s sake the other guy doesn’t talk back; Jim’s a nice guy.) And, not to let the cat out of the bag, we have a little “bomb” ready to drop on Rubens as well.


     7. The Washington Post has a feature that runs on Sundays (Fox News may have something similar). It is called “Who had the worst week in Washington?” By this coming Sunday, you will probably agree with me that Brown had the worst week in New Hampshire. The more the GOP’s elite tries to sabotage the primary and rig the election against me, the harder I am going to demolish Brown in return. Pure payback. Are you listening Jennifer?


     8. I have spent most of Wednesday researching the “bomb” that’s coming for Brown. I am known nationally for meticulous research and very strict standards of accuracy. There is a lot of anti-Brown material to work with if you look; the media are ignoring reality. I promise you that while my “bombs” may strike hard blows against my opponents, they will be fair ones which are fully researched and documented.


     9. When I announced my candidacy for the U. S. Senate in May, 2013, most Republicans thought Jeanne was unbeatable. Today they have reversed that view. Both examples of the “prevailing wisdom” were wrong. I had an anti-Jeanne game plan in May, 2013. I have just added an anti-Brown game plan for the primary. All systems are “go.”


     10. We file for the primary at the beginning of June. Once the candidates have filed the real war begins. Up to now we have had a “phony war,” a media love fest with Brown.


     11. I took a little time off in April to do some undercover research, and started finishing up a couple of Obama stories I am working on. I also took time to assess the battlefield, which most candidates usually ignore. I am rested and ready to roll the tanks against Brown. He won’t know what hit him.


     12. The sad part of this campaign is that Brown and Shaheen are two peas in a pod. New Hampshire loses if either one of them wins. Honestly, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them. Oh, yes, Jeanne is an Obama acolyte. But Brown and Shaheen both worship at the feet of the billionaires who are ruining this country. In terms of the nation’s future survival, Brown has already failed in Washington, and so has Shaheen. All they know is groveling to raise money and running ads. There’s a better way.


     13. Winning the primary will be a challenge. I expect surprises along the way. But don’t believe the pro-Brown propaganda you see on Channel 9. The station is owned by a billionaire family. In the final analysis, I don’t believe either Channel 9 or the Union Leader will be able to save Brown.


     14. As for those “GOP leaders” who are sabotaging my candidacy, I have cleaned house in the New Hampshire GOP before and I am ready to start again on Friday.


You can be assured I will give the campaign my best and give you my best. I’m not in it for the pensions or the campaign contributions or meeting “kings and queens” as Brown said he did in 2012. I’m in this race to save America from Barack Obama, and to get our economy and national security back on track.