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Concord - New Hampshire Republicans are leading the state back towards fiscal responsibility, while Governor Maggie Hassan sits on the sidelines.


Senate President Chuck Morse yesterday pressed the need to address the budget implications of the MET Lawsuit before the end of the current Legislative Session, rather than going into the summer without a plan.


"Avoiding major disruptions to the state budget is in the state's best interests and in the hospitals' best interest," said Senator Morse in today's Union Leader. "I also believe that responding to the recent court decisions will require changing the MET in the short-term and phasing it out in the long-term."


House Republican Leader Gene Chandler made a compelling case to strengthen the state's Rainy Day Fund in a column in the Portsmouth Herald.


"It's time to bring New Hampshire back from the brink. SB 415, a bill that would deposit the entire $15 million surplus into the Rainy Day Fund, is currently before the House Finance Committee, and will likely be voted on by the entire House in the coming weeks. We have the chance to begin to rebuild New Hampshire's financial security."


While Republicans are leading, Governor Hassan and the Democrat sit on the sidelines, waiting for the GOP to solve the state's financial problems. Hassan has not backed Morse's plan, nor offered her own solution to the MET Lawsuit, and has opposed Republican efforts to strengthen the Rainy Day Fund.


Hassan would only say through a spokesman "she looks forward to hearing more about Morse's ideas."


"We're pleased that Governor Hassan wants to hear more about Senator Morse's ideas to get New Hampshire out of this mess, but she needs to support Republican plans to rebuild the Rainy Day Fund," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Once again, New Hampshire Republicans are leading, while Maggie Hassan and the Democrats dither on the sidelines."