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"A New Level of Brazenness"; "What Amazing Hypocrisy"; "Defies Logic to Think They're Not Coordinating"; "No Excuse for Trusting Jeanne Shaheen's Word"


Concord - Enshrouded in controversy, embattled United States Senator Jeanne Shaheen finds herself standing underneath a darkening ethical cloud, as criticism from media outlets across New Hampshire and the country continues to pour in for her brazen attempt to illegally coordinate with left-wing outside special interest groups on attack ads:


Nashua Telegraph: "It Defies Logic To Think They're Not Coordinating."(Editorial, "Politics, baseball and the art of cheating," Nashua Telegraph, 4/30/14)

  • Telegraph:  "Actually, it has the total ring of truth, unless we're expected to believe that Sen. President Harry Reid's Super PAC would blindly shell out more than $200,000 on advertising without first checking in with the Shaheen camp to see where it might do the most good and where Brown might be vulnerable." (Editorial, "Politics, baseball and the art of cheating," Nashua Telegraph, 4/30/14)

New Hampshire Union Leader: "What Amazing Hypocrisy." "Shaheen is doing it after signing a pledge not to accept third-party advertising - the very third-party advertising for which her campaign is supplying texts and photos. What amazing hypocrisy." (Editorial, "Brazen and broken: Shaheen's super PAC deception," New Hampshire Union Leader, 4/28/14)     

  • Union Leader: "No Excuse For Trusting Shaheen's Word." "By now there is no excuse for trusting Jeanne Shaheen's word. She says what is politically advantageous to say, whether she means it or not. Are the people of New Hampshire going to continue to put up with this?" (Editorial, "Brazen and broken: Shaheen's super PAC deception," New Hampshire Union Leader, 4/28/14)

Washington Post: "A New Level Of Brazenness." "It's the timing and the packaging. Shaheen seems to almost be saying exactly what she wants the ads to say, which is a new level of brazenness." (Sean Sullivan, "Super PACs and campaigns can't talk to each other. Here's how they get around it," Washington Post, 4/24/14)


New Hampshire Public Radio: "While it doesn't repeat Shaheen's message verbatim, the ad strikes an identical theme." (Brian Wallstin, "Attack Ad Draws Charges Of Improper Coordination By Shaheen Campaign," New Hampshire Public Radio, 4/27/14)