NRSC - Barack Obama Admits Jeanne Shaheen's Liberal Secret at Ritzy Bel Air Fundraiser

May 9, 2014

Barack Obama Admits Jeanne Shaheen's Liberal Secret at Ritzy Bel Air Fundraiser 
A Vote for Jeanne Shaheen = A Vote for Barack Obama 

President Obama held a ritzy fundraiser in liberal Los Angeles to rake in much needed campaign cash for vulnerable Democratic Senators like Jeanne Shaheen. President Obama told the crowd of millionaires and billionaires that while his name may not be on the ticket, he is running through proxies like Jeanne Shaheen.

Jeanne Shaheen must have cringed when the President actually admitted what other Democrats have tried to hide for months: "I’m in trouble at home. I told Michelle back in 2012 I had run my last campaign. But a couple months ago, I had to let her in on a secret and that is, 'Honey, I’ve got one more campaign I’ve got to run," the president joked at the Bel-Air home of Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn and his wife, Cindy. "

Earlier this year, Jeanne Shaheen completely dodged questions about appearing with Obama. Yet the truth is that Jeanne Shaheen is a beneficiary of these liberal fundraisers and has fundraised with the Obama Administration. The American taxpayers are even being forced to pick up the tab for Obama's extravagant fundraising event benefitting Jeanne ShaheenJeanne Shaheen has made a habit of ignoring the President in public, but privately accepting piles of liberal political cash that he raises for her. President Obama's revelation is further proof that Jeanne Shaheen is just a proxy vote for the liberal Obama agenda in the Senate.

"President Obama admits that a vote for Jeanne Shaheen is in essence a vote for him, which gives Granite Staters more than enough reasons to vote against her," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "If Jeanne Shaheen wants voters to take her at her word, she will refuse to accept liberal campaign money and resources from both President Obama and the DSCC.  Until then, voters should assume that Jeanne Shaheen is simply a proxy for Barack Obama."