Rubens For US Senate - Media Report: Jim Rubens Leading on the Issues

This week was a very busy week on the campaign trail. The media has begun to focus on this race, and is determining that this is a two person race for the nomination between Senator Rubens and Senator Brown. Drew Cline of the Union Leader called Jim Rubens "Brown's most serious rival". Momentum continues to build for our campaign, and it is evident in the media attention we have been receiving.

The media is recognizing Sen. Rubens as someone unafraid to take a stand on polarizing issues. While other candidates take no position, Sen. Rubens is unafraid to take bold stands on the polarizing issues that are important to New Hampshire. He took a strong stand against the confirmation of William Duncan. The Nashua Telegraph quoted Rubens as saying "he opposes the single most promising set of school reforms seen in New Hampshire over the past 20 years: charter schools and scholarships." WMUR's James Pindell also reported that Rubens stated "William Duncan is not a suitable school leader".

This week, Senators Shaheen and Brown finally responded to our campaign's calling for accountability on their failure to protect our Veterans. On April 25 and April 29, we released statements about reports of veterans dying waiting for health care. Sadly, Senators Shaheen and Brown have known about these atrocities for two years and have done nothing to fix the problem. Statements this week of concern and calls for resignations two years after the fact are not the kind of leadership we need in Washington. We were encouraged to see that Senator Brown has finally adopted our plan to provide vouchers to Veterans currently on waiting lists.

WMUR stated that "Brown's Republican primary opponent, Jim Rubens, has been hounding Brown over the situation for weeks. Rubens says that Brown heard testimony on a Senate committee about these problems and did nothing." The Concord Monitor's Kathleen Ronayne recognized that Jim Rubens had been talking about this issue for two weeks before Scott Brown took a position.

Additionally, the Boston Globe, Concord Patch, and Valley News, each ran features on Jim Rubens this week.

In addition to the media coverage, there has been a swell of support from community leaders. 18 Republican State Representatives came together to write a Letter to the Editor that has been published in several papers across the state including, this week, in the Claremont News and Eagle Times.

Lisa Lavoie, the Principal of the North Country Charter Academy, penned a Letter to the Editor that appeared in the Littleton Courier. Lisa talked about the incredible impact Sen. Rubens' Charter School Legislation is making in the lives of children and their families. The NCCA has over 350 graduates.

If you are interested in writing a letter to the editor or helping out the campaign by making phone calls, helping at events, hosting an event, or in one of many other ways, please visit our website. Now is a great time to get involved in the campaign. We rely on you to help spread our message and continue to build support.