“When I Heard He Was In The Military, He Had My Support 100 Percent”
MANCHESTER- On the day before Scott Brown's retirement from the Army National Guard, his campaign released a new video highlighting the support he has received from New Hampshire veterans. Titled “Proud To Serve,” thespot features veterans talking about why they’re backing Brown.

Click here to watch the video. 
Brown’s military background has earned him the votes of several military members. “He understands what veterans need—what veterans want, just from serving 30 years,” says one veteran.  “He’s going to retire in six more days—a Colonel I understand, he should be proud of that—very proud of that.” 

“There just aren’t enough senators or Congress folks that have served in the military and understand the trials and tribulations of the military families,” added a second veteran.
“I have advocated and done everything in my power to make sure that we provide the tools and resources for our men and women who are serving to do their jobs, do them well, and come home safely,” says Brown in the video. “And then when they come home, to make sure they have the resources and tools to make sure they get better quickly—if they need that assistance, to get reemployed—quickly” he continued.
Along with his 35 years of military service, Senator Brown fought to address key issues affecting the veteran community while serving in the Senate, including the Hire A Hero Act that encouraged businesses to hire unemployed veterans and the Stolen Valor Act that cracked down on people who falsified their military credentials.
As the New Hampshire Union Leader reported Sunday, Brown will retire Tuesday at a ceremony at the Pentagon, “surrounded by family and friends as Gen. Frank J. Grass, chief of the National Guard Bureau and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, presides over the retirement ceremony. Brown will receive the Legion of Merit medal.”