NHDP - ICYMI: Scott Brown Ducking NH Debate To Collect Wall Street Cash in Vegas

Brown Plans to Line His Own Pockets With Wall Street Money, Won't Debate GOP Opponents

GOP Business Leader: “I have lost total respect for Scott Brown, who obviously doesn’t want a debate.”

Concord, NH—This weekend, Brown rejected another opportunity to debate conservatives actually from New Hampshire, after weeks of dragging his feet. And now, even a Republican business leader is rejecting his phoniness.
Dave McCray of the Merrimack Business Association told the Union Leader, “For three weeks he has been dodging this. We were not fully aware of his intentions. We asked for a reply and he never gave it. I have lost total respect for Scott Brown, who obviously doesn’t want a debate.”

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“Scott Brown seems to be most interested in photo ops, bar visits, Big Oil, and hedge fund speeches paid for by Wall Street special interests — anything but New Hampshire families,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “If Scott Brown thinks ducking a key New Hampshire debate to collect Wall Street cash in Las Vegas is going to play well with Granite Staters, then he is even more out of touch than we thought. The fact is that the more New Hampshire voters see of Scott Brown, the more they see he isn’t for New Hampshire. He’s for the special interests that bankroll him.”

Brown has a history of evading debates in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He even altogether canceled his last scheduled debate against Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2012.