Manchester Arts Commission - City Hall Display by Friends of Art Manchester

The Manchester Arts Commission (M|A|C), in conjunction with Friends of Art Manchester is presenting an art exhibit on display at City Hall on Elm Street in Manchester. The exhibit is on display through May and June as part of M|A|C's "Art on the Wall in City Hall" gallery.


Friends of Art Manchester is a non-profit organization working with community youth, institutions, educators, artists and patrons of the arts that support the creation, installation, preservation and protection of public art in Manchester. The following artists from the Manchester area are exhibiting works in their preferred medium: Linda Feinberg, acrylic; Tom Wright, photography; John Mitchell, photographs; Judy Gelinas, acrylic; Stephanie Bogalis, acrylic; Deb Funk, acrylic; Shannon Patel-Bourassa, photography; Paul Davidson, acrylic; Carolina Chauvette, acrylic; and Bea Bearden, acrylic.


The public is encouraged to visit anytime during City Hall business hours to view these works.