Testerman For US Senate - Prominent Patriot Joins

Team Testerman Announces Jack Kimball Endorsement



Karen Testerman, released the following statement:  "I am honored and delighted to receive the endorsement of Businessman, Granite State Patriot Founder and former NH GOP Chairman, Jack Kimball."


"At a time when our nation is thirsting for Conservative Candidates that will stand on principle, we now have a great candidate for US Senate.  Her name is Karen Testerman.  She is rock solid on all the things that matter, and she will not waiver when she gets to Washington.  Her desire to restore our Republic is at the forefront of her campaign.  She is a firm believer in Small Government and Free Markets.


She realizes that our Constitution is under attack and must be defended.  She knows that if we lose the 2nd Amendment, the others will also fall. Karen will fight for the rights of the unborn and will also lead in the fight to stop the dismantling of our Military.  Integrity matters, and in Karen, you have someone who you can trust to keep her word.  Let's send her to Washington."



Jack Kimball