NH Sen. Cataldo Statement on Margaret McCarthy’ s Narrow Network Hearing

Concord, NH - Concord – Sen. Sam Cataldo, R-Farmington, issued the following statement today concerning Margaret McCarthy’s adjudicative hearing before the New Hampshire Insurance Department:


“In her hearing today, Ms. McCarthy is fighting for the thousands of New Hampshire residents who lost access to their doctors under ObamaCare and now must travel further to receive the care they used to be able to get in their communities. 

“Last year, when the Insurance Department announced the new narrow provider network under ObamaCare, patients across the state were rightly concerned.  In addition to the effects of the new restricted network, Granite Staters had no prior knowledge of the change or opportunities to voice their concerns.  Our government must be more accountable to its citizens. 

“That is why I introduced Senate Bill 340 earlier this year, which will require the Insurance Department to hold public information sessions and provide a comment period before approval of products to be sold on the health exchange.  In the future, this legislation will help to prevent the network blackouts that Ms. McCarthy is fighting against today by offering ample opportunity for public comment in order to ensure our insurance regulators understand full-well the implications of these decisions on our citizen’s health care.” 

NOTE: The Senate concurred with a House amendment to Senate Bill 340 on May 8, 2014.  The bill now moves to the Governor for her signature or veto.