NHDP - Chuck Morse Trying to Rewrite History of His Disastrous Budget Decisions

Concord, NH-- In response to comments made by Senate President Chuck Morse to deflect responsibility for New Hampshire's revenue challenges, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement. 
"Senate President Morse is desperate to hide the fact that the state's current budget challenges are due to revenue changes made in the disastrous O'Brien Tea Party budget that he helped craft in 2011. Voters overwhelmingly rejected the O'Brien and Morse cuts. Their misguided, far-right budget made tax changes that likely caused April's revenue shortfalls, even while our economy continues to strengthen and unemployment continues to fall. And their budget cut health care funding and caused the MET lawsuit that threatens our economy and bond rating. 
"Instead of trying to rewrite history and use this moment as an excuse to push more devastating cuts, Senator Morse should work with Governor Hassan constructively to undo the damage caused by the last legislature, fix our revenue challenges, and protect the budget priorities that are critical to New Hampshire's families and economy."