Lambert For Congress - Statement on Sallie Mae Overcharging Veterans

Nashua – On May 13th, The Justice Department announced it had reached a settlement with student loan giant Sallie Mae because the company charged members of the military excessively high interest rates for college and other educational loans. Today, 2nd District Congressional candidate Colonel Gary Lambert issued the following statement:


"For over a decade, our nation's service members have bled and died to keep us free and safe. They have sacrificed precious time with their families - birthdays, holidays, anniversaries -  in order to keep us free and safe. And this is how we repay them?" asked Colonel Lambert. "I find this illegal practice by Sallie Mae to be reprehensible and sad. Our nation's veterans deserve better. I call on the United States Congress to step up it's oversight of veterans benefits and the entities who administer them so that this type of injustice never happens again."