But Shaheen Fails To Admit That She Supported Reid's Efforts To Block Keystone XL Pipeline Amendments


Concord - After spending much of the week trying to blame Republicans for the defeat of the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill, Senator Shaheen is now blaming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for killing it. Shaheen, who has called the bill her "defining" legislation, criticized Reid's unwillingness to consider amendments on the bipartisan Keystone XL Pipeline in an interview with The Hill.


But despite her criticism, Shaheen hypocritically voted with the majority leader to block all amendments to her legislation this week.


"Jeanne Shaheen spent the past week trying to blame Republicans for the defeat of her energy bill, but now admits that it was killed by Democrats' unwillingness to consider an amendment approving the Keystone Pipeline. But Senator Shaheen marched in lockstep with her party leadership and hypocritically voted to block amendments and send her own bill to the scrap heap of the United States Senate," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "This is another example of Senator Shaheen's shockingly ineffective record and it reminds Granite Staters that we need to replace her with a responsible Republican who can get results for New Hampshire."


In an interview with The Hill, Shaheen placed the blame for the bill's defeat squarely at the feet of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. For days, her campaign and allies tried to pin the blame on Republicans to distract from Shaheen's ineffective legislative record. From The Hill: 

But even some Democrats have chafed under Reid's refusal to allow votes on GOP-sponsored amendments, which derailed an energy efficiency bill last week and a package of temporary tax cuts this week.


 Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), who faces a competitive race, said Reid should have allowed amendments to the energy bill she sponsored with Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio).


"I think it's very disappointing," she said of the floor fight that swallowed her bill. "I think we should vote on amendments. I think that's part of why we're here.


When asked if Reid has been overly strict in limiting amendments, Shaheen said, "I think we should allow amendments."





Despite Criticizing Harry Reid's Unwillingness To Consider Republican Amendments, Jeanne Shaheen Voted Against Allowing Republican Amendments To The Energy Efficiency Bill. (S. 2262, CQ Vote #132: Motion rejected 45-52: R 44-0; D 1-50; I 0-2, 5/7/14, Shaheen Voted Nay)


·         The Hill: "Senate Democrats defeated Republican attempts to bring up amendments to an energy efficiency bill on Wednesday. Republicans filed a motion to table Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) amendments he used to "fill the tree" but it failed on a 45-52 vote." (The Hill, 5/7/14)