NH GOP - US Sen Shaheen is 1 for 67



For most workers, failing to accomplish 66 out of 67 tasks over five years would cause them to lose their job.


But if you're Jeanne Shaheen, you believe that this abysmal record entitles you to a second term in the United States Senate.


During her unaccomplished tenure in Washington, Jeanne Shaheen has sponsored 67 bills. But despite Democratic control of the Senate and the White House, Shaheen has only been able to pass a single piece of legislation - a bill that renamed an air traffic control center in Nashua.


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Now that she is up for reelection, Shaheen is struggling to find any accomplishment to run on. This week, Shaheen's "defining" piece of legislation failed in the Senate because she stubbornly refused to consider an amendment approving the bipartisan Keystone XL Pipeline. Shaheen is so desperate that she also released an ad touting her failed efforts on legislation that has gone nowhere and shows no signs that it will ever become law.


The truth is that Jeanne Shaheen has been an unaccomplished backbencher in the Senate who has failed to live up to New Hampshire's tradition of independent and effective leadership. Instead of standing up for her constituents, she has decided to bow to party leadership in Washington and vote with President Barack Obama 99 percent of the time.


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Granite Staters expect their elected officials to go to Washington and fight for our state. That's why it's time to end Jeanne Shaheen's lackluster tenure in the Senate and elect a strong Republican who will get results for New Hampshire.




Jennifer Horn


New Hampshire Republican State Committee