NH House Republican Alliance: Comments on stifling of speech in NH House

The House Republican Alliance issued a statement on the stifling of speech on the New Hampshire house floor today by the Democratic majority.  A motion was brought forth by the majority leader to limit debate, on one bill, to 30 minutes per side on SB319, a bill that limits free speech around abortion clinics.  There were 13 speakers signed to speak against the bill.


"Twice the minority tried to amend the motion to limit debate to longer periods of time.  However, the oppressive majority moved to give just over two minutes per representative in opposition SB319, who had already signed up well in advance, to speak, while giving their position nearly eight minutes per speaker.  The majority leader clearly stated in his parliamentary inquiry that this was a game of  paybacks for a previous speaker's limiting of debate for all bills on days when there were many bills that  needed to be debated.  There were only four bills to vote on after SB319, thus, there was no need to limit debate," stated Rep. Dan Itse,- Fremont. "In the final vote to limit debate, the motion failed (150 to 143), with even members of the majority understanding the dangers of limiting the rights and voice  of the people as instructed in Part 1, Article 30 of the Constitution of our State."