Rubens For US Senate - VA Wait List Scandal, Shaheen/Brown Grandstanding Won’t Fix Problems

Jim Rubens, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, issued the following statement regarding the ongoing problems in the Veterans Administration and Secretary Shinseki's testimony in Congress today: 

“Senators Shaheen and Brown both knew about these problems in April 2012 and failed to lead.  The problem did not get fixed and new reports about mistreatment of our vets are surfacing almost daily. Shaheen and Brown's belated grandstanding does not absolve them for failing to lead two years ago. Veterans stuck on these extended wait lists must be given vouchers so that they can obtain the medical care we owe them at the hospital or provider of their choice." 

The Rubens campaign issued statements regarding veterans dying waiting for medical care on May 8, April 29 and April 26.  Rubens is the only candidate who has proposed a concrete plan to get these veterans the care that they need right now.