Testerman For US Senate - Respected Leader Endorsement

Team Testerman Announces Mirski Endorsement


Karen Testerman, released the following statement:  "I am humbled to receive the following letter of endorsement by the Honorable Paul Mirski, architect and constitutionalist from Enfield, NH."


May 9, 2014


Re: Karen Testerman for U.S. Senate




For all of the twenty years that I've had the good fortune to have known Karen Testerman, she has been an unrelenting champion on behalf of family values.  In other words, she has been an unrelenting champion for all of the values that we associate with home, hearth, and the welfare of our children - and especially, the welfare of our unborn children. On matters having to do with limited constitutional government, as a proponent of the rule of law and as an advocate for individual rights, property rights, speech, conscience, self-defense and of course the Second Amendment, she stands second to none.


If there is one lesson that I've learned in more than fifty years as a political activist, it is that actions always speak louder than words. Put another way, political speech is virtually worthless without a demonstrable, corresponding, long standing record of active commitment to the ideals to which a candidate claims allegiance.


Karen Testerman is truthful, forthright, and entirely committed to the ideals and principles that she proclaims. Her resume of accomplished commitment is irrefutable. In comparison, she is the gold standard where other candidates merely glitter.


At this time, with our founding principles under unyielding attack, we have the solemn responsibility to elect a United States Senator who will be an absolutely reliable advocate for all that is good and beautiful about America and it is for this reason, above all others, that I wholeheartedly endorse as well as strongly encourage your support for Karen Testerman, for this high office.


Hon. Paul Mirski,

Enfield, NH