ALG's Daily Grind - VA actions kill veterans: A precursor for Obamacare?


May 16, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

VA actions kill veterans: A precursor for Obamacare?
CNN: At least 40 veterans died waiting to see a doctor at the Phoenix Veterans Health Care System, and that the bureaucrats in charge had created a secret list of patients who were determined to be too ill to help, so they denied them care and allowed them to die.

Johnson-Crapo housing finance bill leaves taxpayers on the hook
Read the bill: "The full faith and credit of the United States is pledged to the payment of all amounts from the Mortgage Insurance Fund which may be required to be paid under any insurance provided under this title."

Manmade 'climate disruption'—the hype and reality
President Obama and White House advisor John Podesta are convinced that Congress and the American people have no power or ability to derail the Administration's determination to unilaterally impose costly policies to combat "dangerous manmade climate disruption."

Stockman: Why China will implode
"It's a monumental building aberration, not an economy."