NHDP - How much is Scott Brown collecting from Wall Street?

Brown Cashes in at Hedge Fund Conference
But Hides Size of Vegas Paycheck
Ducks Senate Financial Disclosure

Concord, NH— As former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown cashes in at a Las Vegas hedge fund conference, he’s ducking the deadline to file his official financial disclosure form with the Senate.
Brown’s refusing to disclose how much he’s being paid for his Las Vegas appearance, and the delayed financial disclosure means he’ll hide what he was paid by corporate interests after he left office. Brown has filed for an extension, effectively hiding his income from voters until the last possible moment - 30 days before his Republican primary election. Scott Brown’s personal financial disclosure (PFD) was originally due on May 15th.
“Scott Brown is hiding just how much out-of-state special interest cash he’s collected from corporate interests, trying to fool New Hampshire voters about his close ties to the big money guys,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Granite Staters deserve better than a Senate candidate who has been bought-and-paid-for by Wall Street."
“Brown’s Vegas hedge fund junket raises a number of questions, like how much is Scott Brown collecting from out-of-state corporate interests and what will they get in return?” asked McClain. “The last time Scott Brown ran for office in Massachusetts, Wall Street gave him more campaign cash than any other candidate, and Brown helped Wall Street duck more than $19 billion in financial reform.”
The Boston Globe is reporting on Brown’s Vegas Junket, where "Brown’s staff acknowledged that he would be among those making money at the conference, but would not say how much he was being paid for his appearance." The article added that Brown "had agreed to a paid appearance before some of the wealthiest people on earth at the annual hedge fund confab at the Bellagio Hotel."
The Boston Globe first reported news of Brown's trip to Las Vegas on April 16th and later, WMUR reported that Brown will in fact be paid for his appearance. At the time, Brown's spokesperson claimed that Brown's income would be reported on his financial disclosure form.