NHDP - Scott Brown’s Steady Implosion

What a Week for Scott Brown the Phony! Let’s Review…

Scott Brown gets caught lobbying to kill Senator Shaheen’s bipartisan, job-creating energy efficiency bill, which Kelly Ayotte voted for because it was good for New Hampshire.
  • Huffington Post: “New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown called Senate Republican leadership to urge them to stop a bipartisan energy efficiency bill, so as not togive Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.), the bill's Democratic sponsor and his Democratic opponent, something to run on.” Brown’s camp did not deny that he made the calls.
  • CBS:  “Even though the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, sponsored by Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., had seven GOP co-sponsors including Portman, all but three Republicans voted to filibuster it....Spokesmen for Brown and GOP leadership neither denied nor confirmed the report that Brown -- who touts his reputation as a reasonable moderate -- interfered with the bill.…Norm Ornstein, a scholar at the conservative think tank the American Enterprise Institute, added, ’It sure seems to me that it hurts Scott Brown more than it hurts Shaheen.’”
  • TPM: “Brown's campaign didn't deny to Politico, and nor did a Senate Republican leadership aide to TPM, that the former Massachusetts senator -- now running in New Hampshire -- asked GOP senators to filibuster the bill written by Shaheen and Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH). On Thursday Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) acknowledged to the Huffington Post that Brown had reached out to her about the legislation, but said she decided ‘on the merits’ to vote for it.”
  • Daily Beast: “If this alters that perception of Brown, it could do more damage in November than if a hundred bills sponsored by Shaheen become law.”
  • New York Magazine: “The reason Senate Republicans decided to fracture the coalition for an energy bill everybody seemed to like…is that Scott Brown asked them to.”
  • MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes: “…It looks really, really bad—he got caught red-handed blowing up an utterly uncontroversial, sensible, bipartisan compromise piece of legislation for the petty political reason—he did not want his political opponent to get any credit that she could tout during the campaign.”
Scott Brown travels to Las Vegas to give a paid speech at a hedge fund conference, while hiding the size of his paycheck and ducking his Senate financial disclosure deadline.
  • Boston Globe: “It was more of a private jet gathering than a GMC truck crowd.…Brown’s staff acknowledged that he would be among those making money at the conference, but would not say how much he was being paid for his appearance." The article added that Brown "had agreed to a paid appearance before some of the wealthiest people on earth at the annual hedge fund confab at the Bellagio Hotel."
Scott Brown spent Wednesday night sipping beers at a poolside masquerade party surrounded by some interesting entertainers.
  • Boston Globe: “Indeed, Wednesday night found Brown and his wife, Gail Huff, sipping beer and wine at the conference’s poolside masquerade party. Amid glaring strobe lights, a winged woman dressed in a sequin top and bikini bottom played a see-through violin from a balcony perch. Later appearances included a fire eater, a French clown on a pogo stick, and can-can dancers.”
Scott Brown decries “Washington dysfunction” in his speech in front of some of the richest people in the world, when really, he was working to prevent a bipartisan, job-creating bill from passing the Senate.
  • @SALTConference: ‪@SenScottBrown: Washington dysfunction is a major challenge ‪#SALT2014 
Scott Brown fails to articulate any position on Medicaid Expansion, because he is trying desperately to hide his opposition to it from New Hampshire families.
  • MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Kasie Hunt brought up the Medicaid expansion at a campaign stop, Brown cut her off and said, “Listen, we spoke last night – I’m happy, this is a fun time.” She asked if Brown supported the expansion and he replied, “I’m already on record, I’ll have my office give you the information on that. I’ve talked about it quite a few times.” Hunt later reported, “I followed up with his campaign and said, ‘Hey, what did you say on the record about Medicaid? And what they sent me was from March, before he officially announced his campaign, and it’s not even as clear as what he just said there.”
  • Politico: “Yet for all the vitriol, Brown may not be the purest critic. Obamacare is an offshoot of Romneycare, which Brown supported as a Republican state lawmaker in Massachusetts. That gives Brown the same problem Mitt Romney had while running for president in 2012: explaining why he likes and still defends a health reform law packed with mandates in Massachusetts while declaring its central elements unfit for the nation.”
  • Washington Post on Brown’s “epic anti-Obamacare buffoonery”: “When asked in the past what he’d do instead, he’s previously served up word salad. Now he’s mumbling something about ‘grandfathering in’ people benefiting from the law, and getting rapidly corrected by his spokesperson?”
Scott Brown didn’t know what he was talking about when discussing financial reform, according to former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.
  • Wall Street Journal: “[Geithner] recounts a meeting with Sen. Scott Brown,… ‘without any irony or self-consciousness he said he needed to protect two financial institutions in Massachusetts from the Volcker Rule's restrictions.’ Mr. Geithner writes that Mr. Brown then furrowed his brow, turned to his aide and asked ‘Which ones are they, again?’”
  • MSNBC’s Morning Joe: “Another person who is probably a little embarrassed by this book is Scott Brown.”
Scott Brown blows off another New Hampshire GOP candidates’ debate.
  • Union-Leader: Brown rejected an invitation to the Merrimack candidate forum, and GOP Business Leader Dave McCray said, “We asked for a reply and he never gave it. I have lost total respect for Scott Brown, who obviously doesn’t want a debate.”
Scott Brown gets called out for lying right to the Teamsters’ faces.
  • WMUR: “The local Teamsters chapter is accusing Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown of lying to their face over his support of the Keystone XL pipeline…’In an op-ed, and more recently at a rally we co-hosted, Scott Brown claimed that he supported the Keystone pipeline,’ said Teamsters Local 633 president David Laughton. ‘But clearly when he told us he wanted 'to get this done' he was just lying to our face. When the rubber hit the road, Scott Brown put his own political goals ahead of the promise he made to us. That was wrong, and it isn't how we do things in New Hampshire. This is Washington-style politics at their worst.’"