NRSC - Shaheen admits Reid to blame for energy legislation failure

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Democrat Jeanne Shaheen is desperate. After failed attempts to blame Republicans for the defeat of her “most defining piece of legislation,” Jeanne Shaheen now admits that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid killed her energy legislation.


The Hill reports:But even some Democrats have chafed under Reid's refusal to allow votes on GOP-sponsored amendments, which derailed an energy efficiency bill last week and a package of temporary tax cuts this week. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), who faces a competitive race, said Reid should have allowed amendments to the energy bill she sponsored with Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio). "I think it's very disappointing," she said of the floor fight that swallowed her bill. "I think we should vote on amendments. I think that's part of why we're here. When asked if Reid has been overly strict in limiting amendments, Shaheen said, "I think we should allow amendments."


While Jeanne Shaheen is quick to point fingers, she conveniently leaves out the fact that she also backed Reid's efforts to block Keystone amendments. Jeanne Shaheen is trying to have it both ways: telling Granite Staters that she is fighting for them, when the reality is that she helped Reid to destroy her own legislation.


“Jeanne Shaheen has admitted what everyone else knew last week, which is that her energy legislation failed because Harry Reid refuses to allow a vote on the Keystone Pipeline. Even worse, Shaheen joined Harry Reid and Senate Democrats to block common-sense amendments on Keystone, which the majority of Granite Staters support.  The Senate is a dysfunctional mess, thanks to the antics of Harry Reid and Jeanne Shaheen.  Granite Staters deserve better than empty rhetoric and juvenile blame games.” NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen