Rubens For US Senate - Media Identifying Rubens as the Grassroots Candidate as Campaign Team Grows


This week was a great week on the campaign trail. I enjoyed meeting so many people at many events and media appearances across the state.

Last week I attended the Seacoast Republican Women's annual Spring Luncheon. The Portsmouth Herald covered the event and highlighted that I am the "grassroots candidate" in this race.

Last weekend I participated in the Manchester Republican Committee Candidate Forum. This event was a great event to connect with voters and was covered by MSNBC. Each candidate was required to bring a cake to this event and I was happy to do so to support the committee.

The Concord Monitor did a story on education and how it will be a focal issue in the elections this fall. They recognized my leadership on the issue and said that "Rubens may not be getting as much press attention as his rivals, but he's been speaking out with concrete ideas on nearly every major policy issue. If this keeps up, Brown could be in for a real primary fight."

I was happy to see my Op/Ed on the success of charter schools in New Hampshire appear in both the Nashua Telegraph and the Portsmouth Herald. I am very proud to see that the legislation I wrote while in the State Senate is now positively impacting the lives of so many students.

This week, we saw more grandstanding on the Veterans Affairs wait list scandal, with Senators Brown and Shaheen calling for resignations. This belated grandstanding does not absolve them for failing to lead two years ago.

I was a guest on the Girard at Large show this week to discuss these issues. I talked about the Veterans issue and the need to raise the rafters on this issue to make sure our Veterans are taken care of right now. Veterans stuck on these extended wait lists must be given vouchers so that they can obtain the medical care we owe them at the hospital or provider of their choice. I am the only candidate who has proposed a concrete plan to get these veterans the care that they need right now.

This week James Pindell wrote a piece on WMUR talking about the US Senate race. In the piece, he remarked: "Rubens has been working harder than any of the Republican candidates and probably has the best chance to emerge as a challenger to Brown"

Finally, I am happy to share with you that we added three full-time field staffer this week. Adding to a fully-staffed, fully-funded campaign continues the grassroots momentum that is attracting New Hampshire voters. To learn more about our new staffers, please click here.

We are committed to having the resources needed to be effective at grassroots campaigning which is how New Hampshire elections have been and will continue to be won. I need your help to keep the momentum going. Please consider a donation of $25, $50, $100, or the highest amount you are able.


Jim Rubens