Shaheen For US Senate - Angus King (I-ME) an independent for Shaheen

Jeanne Shaheen

Dear Friends,

When it comes to spotting independent voices: It takes one to know one. And trust me, Jeanne Shaheen understands just how important it is to put politics aside to do what is best for our small businesses and our states.

As a political independent, I don’t endorse just anyone, but I’m behind Jeanne in her campaign for reelection.

I was thrilled to join Senator Shaheen in Concord this week at Granite State Candy Shoppe - which is really a model for small businesses in both New Hampshire and Maine. Throughout our careers, we've encouraged our colleagues to work together to do whatever we can to provide entrepreneurs with access to resources to grow, expand and create jobs.

Jeanne really is one of our very best, but no one – not even Jeanne – can do it alone. Will you join me today in standing with her?

Click here to say “I’m in for Jeanne!” today and help make sure that she can keep making a difference for New Hampshire.

Long before we started serving together in the Senate, Jeanne and I both served as governors together. It was then that we developed a great working relationship and friendship. This stemmed from something important to both of us: a shared commitment to our states, our small businesses and doing the right thing - regardless of politics - for all our constituents.

Jeanne is a pragmatic problem solver who, in the face of the most divided Senate for generations, finds common ground, puts politics aside, and puts New Hampshire first. She is a hardworking senator who makes a difference for businesses, for veterans and folks across the Granite State from Salem to Berlin and back again.

That's exactly why I'm asking you to help send her back to the Senate this year so that she can keep working with Democrats, Republicans and independents.

Click here to join me and say loud and clear, “I’m in for Jeanne!”

Thank you,

Senator Angus King