ALG's Daily Grind - Labor Department policy would deem NBA racist


May 2, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted. 

Labor Department policy would deem NBA racist
The Labor Department is operating under a legal theory — disparate impact — that holds if a company's hiring procedure doesn't reflect the demographics of their physical locale, then the outcome of their hiring process should be treated exactly the same as if the company deliberately excluded minorities from employment.

Mike Lee's war against the 'black hole' of corporatism
Utah Senator: "The more power government amasses, the more privileges are bestowed on the government's friends, the more businesses invest in influence instead of innovation, the more advantages accrue to the biggest special interests with the most to spend on politics and the most to lose from fair competition."

Washington Examiner: Illinois politicians forced home care workers into union that donates heavily to them
The Supreme Court will soon decide if a state can force subsidized home care workers to join a union.