Heritage- Premiering Tuesday, Nationwide Movie Event Jumpstarts New Conversation on Family

The Heritage Foundation

Looking around at our culture, we have to wonder: how did we get here?

We’ve seen dramatic shifts—the decline of commitment to marriage, "anything goes" sexuality celebrated, and fatherlessness continuing to rise. Does our culture know the real purpose of family anymore?

That’s why the new film Irreplaceable jumpstarts a new conversation. Watch the movie trailer now >>

Opening May 6 in over 700 theaters, this nationwide film event from Focus on the Family seeks to uncover what we’ve forgotten: What is family? What's happened? And what do we do about it?

The feedback from early screenings has been ecstatic. Super Bowl-winning Coach Tony Dungy raves, “Irreplaceable is a very thought-provoking film that looks at the core issues affecting our families today.” See if it’s playing near you >>

Jim DeMint, President of The Heritage Foundation and former U.S. Senator, says of the film:

“Like our heritage of freedom, we cannot take the family for granted. Irreplaceable reminds us why we must continue to cherish the unique value of a married mom and dad for a child and for all of society.
The love that we first experience in the family is the foundation for loving our neighbors, and that can ultimately extend to America as a whole. Mark your calendar for this May 6 event in a theater near you.”

Join us for an enlightening and inspiring journey with Irreplaceable, on the big screen for one night only. Some theaters are near sell-out, get movie tickets today >>


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