Martin For US Senate - New Hampshire Republicans stunned as Scott Brown is exposed as a military fraud

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin’s disclosure that Scott Brown inflated and distorted his military service has stunned New Hampshire Republicans


“It’s a whole new race,” Andy says


Andy has a new nickname for Brown, “Slippery Scott”


Jim Rubens stops just short of calling Brown a murderer for VA deaths


(Manchester, NH) (May 2, 2014) 


On September 9th, Granite Staters are likely to be asking “What were they thinking? Why did GOP bigwigs overwhelmingly support Scott Brown for their U. S. Senate nomination without vetting him? What were they thinking?”


Andy Martin’s disclosure that “Slippery Scott” Brown inflated his military service by falsely claiming to have “deployed” to Afghanistan and running campaign ads claiming Brown “served” in Afghanistan have shattered the veneer of Brown’s invincibility.


“It’s a whole new race,” says Andy. “The dingbat GOP leadership thought Brown was going to waltz into the nomination and obliterate Jeanne Shaheen. Now it looks as though ‘Slippery Scott’ is obliterating himself and destroying his national reputation. He is going to take the New Hampshire GOP establishment down with him. It’s embarrassing to watch.


“And we have a lot more evidence to come. The incestuous relationship between General Frank Grass and ‘Slippery Scott’ is a treasure trove of mutual ‘fixing’ and Pentagon corruption. Brown voted to promote Grass at the same time as Grass was recommending Brown for a promotion. Was that a conflict of interest? You betcha.


“For the past nine (9) months the Republican Party’s leadership - starting with a slight in Nashua last August - has been trying to destroy my campaign. Well, payback time has arrived. Either Jennifer Horn stops trying to undermine me or Horn has to go, the same way I took out her mentor. Ironically, by taking out Scott Brown we will also be taking out Horn and her cronies.


“I deserve a level playing field, and the same respect and common courtesy as the other four candidates. I am an experienced campaigner with a national reputation for integrity and aggressiveness in seeking out the truth and fighting corruption. Primary voters have a constitutional right to hear what I have to say.


“Horn’s efforts to sidetrack my campaign are going to boomerang on her. The more I drop ‘bunker busters’ on Brown, the worse he looks, and the worse Horn looks for recruiting Brown to come over from Massachusetts.


“Ironically, as I ‘up’ my game, the other candidates are also going to have to up theirs or fade into obscurity. I know how to campaign; they don’t. I note that Jim Rubens appeared on WGIR-AM and stopped just short of accusing Brown of murder, by claiming Brown is responsible for deaths resulting from inaction at VA facilities (see Rubens’ audio link below). Sooner or later Rubens is going to realize he can’t win if he runs a powder puff campaign and allows me to take the lead in taking out Brown.


“Finally, it is well known that I have my differences with the billionaire Hearst family’s pro-Brown TV station, WMUR. But there has been a larger failure in New Hampshire journalism. No one but me has investigated Brown. No one but me analyzed and researched and documented how Brown was inflating his military service and violating federal law by playing politics at The Pentagon. New Hampshire media were and are nothing more than megaphones for Brown’s nonsense. That’s not journalism. That’s not the role the media are supposed to play in a free society.


“If the media spent half the time investigating Brown that they do working to undermine me, maybe they could tell their viewers and readers the truth about Brown.


“The people of New Hampshire are fed up with corrupt media. They are sick of both political parties. Voters have been betrayed by their leaders, and they are now painfully aware that they betrayed themselves by voting for a joker as president. Twice. ‘Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on me.’


“You might not always agree with me, but my voice is an authentic voice. I am taking my campaign straight to the people of New Hampshire. Unlike Brown, I am not a valet for crooked Chicago billionaire Joe Ricketts. Unlike Shaheen, I do not grovel to left-wing billionaires in California and New York City.


“One hundred years ago, in 1914, my grandfather came to Manchester and opened a business in Lake Avenue’s immigrant community. He was able to send his son and a daughter (my mom) to the University of New Hampshire. Today I live around the corner from the brook on Elm Street where I played as a little boy. I am fighting to preserve New Hampshire’s independent way of life, and to preserve and renew the same opportunity my grandfather found in Manchester 100 years ago.


“In the days ahead, and especially next week, we will have more ‘bunker busters’ to drop on Mr. Brown. Republican Party leaders who are trying to rig the primary in Brown’s favor by harassing my campaign and trying to silence me will be swept away.


“For the past few months, I have been ‘talking tough,’ and some may have wondered whether I could and would back up my talk with tough action. Thursday, Jennifer Horn and Scott Brown found out just how tough opponent I am going to be,” Andy says.


“Where does the Republican Party go from here? For a start, they cold stop undermining my campaign and demand that all five candidates for the U.S. Senate get a level playing field. Trying to rig the primary for ‘Slippery Scott’ is a losing proposition.


“I make this prediction: it’s going to be a long, hot summer for ‘Slippery Scott’ Brown.”


Andy’s disclosures and efforts to shed light on Brown’s misuse of his military uniform and political back scratching at The Pentagon may cast a pall over Saturday’s meeting of the New Hampshire GOP in Concord. Andy is requesting the same opportunity to address the meeting as the other senate candidates.