NHDP - NH Workers Upset With Scott Brown’s Opposition to Increased Minimum Wage

Brown Stands with Big Oil, Wall Street, Corporate Interests Blocking Increase

Concord, NH -- New Hampshire workers upset with Scott Brown’s opposition to increasing the minimum wage are speaking out, criticizing the former Massachusetts Senator for siding with the Koch Brothers, Big Oil, and Wall Street.
More than 110,000 people in New Hampshire, including 67,000 women, would receive a much-needed raise with an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10/hour.
Appearing on Fox News last year,Brown said that increasing the minimum wage would lead to “fewer jobs and higher prices.” Brown claimed establishing a more livable wage was “trying to put more people out of business.” New Hampshire workers know Scott Brown is wrong to oppose increasing the minimum wage.
“It is critical that we raise the minimum wage. I've been there. I lived at poverty level while working full time with AmeriCorps, and can say with authority that it can be a demoralizing experience. Beyond my personal struggles, for two years I worked for families every day that lived on minimum wage and could barely make ends meet. While helping run the Hunger Study for New Hampshire, I saw plenty of folks who had minimum wage jobs, but still came home hungry because the minimum wage is no longer a living wage. These are hardworking people who live in our communities and who have to choose between feeding their families, getting to work, and paying their rent. They deserve better. By not raising the minimum wage, we are turning our backs on struggling families. Minimum wage is not just an issue for young people. More and more older adults depend on minimum wage jobs. If we help ensure that they can earn a living wage, our local economy will benefit. Without a doubt, it is time to raise the wage and show working families in New Hampshire that we support them. “
-Kimberly Farias, AmeriCorps alum from Keene, NH

"As a New Hampshire small business owner, I stand with Jeanne Shaheen and the majority of Americans in strong support of an increase in the federal minimum wage. A higher minimum wage is good for our economy and good for our local businesses. Scott Brown's position on this issue is simply wrong. Under the current federal minimum wage, full time minimum-wage employees cannot earn what is required to sustain themselves and their families. Higher wages support increased spending which, in turn, promotes economic growth in our communities, making our state and our country stronger. Scott Brown has shown himself to be evasive on this issue, barely being able to articulate a position as he has attempted to disguise his opposition to raising the minimum wage. There is broad based support for an increased minimum wage among the American public and among small business owners, because we all understand that full time work should yield a living income. Jeanne Shaheen is right. We need to increase the minimum wage."
-Tom Hawkins, Owner and Operator, Northroad Wood Signs in Temple, NH