NHDP - VIDEO: After Scott Brown Uses Phony "I Haven't Read It" Excuse to Try and Hide Opposition to Wage Hike, State Rep Hand Delivers a Copy of Bill

Running Out of Excuses, Brown Can’t Hide That He Sides With Kochs And Wall Street
Brown Opposes Giving 110,000 Granite Staters a Raise

Concord, NH—Today, frustrated by Scott Brown’s attempt to hide his opposition to a minimum wage increase - complete with a phony excuse that he did not read the four page bill - State Representative Patrick Long delivered a copy of the legislation to Brown’s campaign office.  Brown's opposition to the wage increase puts him squarely in the corner of the Koch Brothers, Wall Street, and Big Oil special interests who fund his campaign but at odds with people across New Hampshire, including 110,000 who would get a much needed raise by increasing the minimum wage to $10.10. 
“Scott Brown’s phony excuses won’t save him anymore,” said State Representative Patrick Long. “Now that we can be certain that he has read the bill, he should come clean to New Hampshire families. They deserve to know that he has railed against the minimum wage in the past, and would join Senator Ayotte in voting against the bill that would give 110,000 Granite Staters a much-needed raise.”

Appearing on Fox News, Brown said that increasing the minimum wage would lead to “fewer jobs and higher prices.” Brown claimed establishing a more livable wage was “trying to put more people out of business.”