ALG's Daily Grind - Obama owns GM recall malfeasance


May 20, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Obama owns GM recall malfeasance
The Department of Transportation is fining General Motors (GM) $35 million for waiting too long to recall 2.6 million vehicles with faulty ignition switches. The only thing missing in these product recall and government fines is an acknowledgement of the company's majority shareholder when the malfeasance took place.

Cartoon: Government Cares
VA hospitals were only the beginning

As regulators go postal on business, a slow-growth economy ensues
While the phony "war on women" rages in the headlines of the main stream media, the real war, the one being conducted against American Businesses by a slew of Government agencies, goes largely unreported.

Washington Examiner: Feds used donations intended for poor for massages, luxuries for themselves
Federal employees and a contractor diverted more than $1 million of charitable contributions to spending on themselves for in-office massages, meals at every meeting and other luxuries and unnecessary expenses, a government audit found.