“Scott Brown is a proven independent thinker who will fight for commonsense leadership and stand up to Washington to protect our families.”
 MANCHESTER - The Brown campaign rolled out the Women for Brown leadership team today during an event with supporters at campaign headquarters.  Over the course of the campaign, these leaders will continue to grow the Women for Brown coalition, and stand strongly behind Brown’s candidacy to find commonsense solutions in Washington and give New Hampshire a voice in the U.S. Senate to shrink the size of government, lower taxes and repeal Obamacare.

The rally kicked off with coalition leaders offering brief remarks highlighting their reasons for supporting Scott Brown.
“As someone who graduated from St. Anselm College last weekend and will be attending law school this fall, one of my biggest concerns is a better economy with good-paying jobs for me and my classmates,” said Lyndsay Robinson, Student Body President of St. Anselm College.  “School is expensive, and my classmates and I worried about taking out unaffordable student loans while Washington does nothing.  I know Scott Brown will work on bipartisan solutions to create more good-paying jobs for young people starting our careers.”
“Scott Brown is a proven independent thinker who will fight for commonsense leadership and stand up to Washington to protect our families.  Senator Shaheen has failed this test repeatedly with her vote for Obamacare, and she continues to be part of the problem and had no explanation for the broken promises hurting our families,” said Maureen Mooney, former State Representative from Merrimack.
“I have known Scott for years, and he listens to people and works hard to compromise,” said Jane Lane, former President of the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women. “Not enough politicians truly care about the issues that voters do—fewer taxes, more take home pay and support for our military families and veterans. Scott Brown has a history of putting people before politics and I look forward to helping him become the next senator of New Hampshire.”
“New Hampshire families know Washington is broken and they want to see a change for the better,” said Scott Brown.  “It’s time for our voices to be heard in Congress so we can do away with harmful Washington policies hurting our families and businesses.”
“I grew up in a household where my single mother was always watching every dime she spent and working hard to support me and my sister.  I know you are watching, and you’re upset with the rising cost of health care, fewer hospital choices, high energy prices, and a sluggish economy that makes it tough to find good-paying jobs to save money for retirement.”
“Gail and I share these concerns for our family too, and I’m here to listen to you and work on solutions to help New Hampshire succeed. Together, we want to have better opportunities for everyone—so they can reach their potentials and succeed.  I am very humbled to have each of you join our grassroots team to spread our message and fight for a brighter future for our families, children, and the next generation.”

Women for Brown Leadership Team:
Julie Brown (Co-Chair), Rochester
Jane Lane (Co-Chair), Keene
Maureen Mooney (Co-Chair), Merrimack
Sue Bird, Mason
Carolyn Brown, Conway
Beverly Bruce, Wolfeboro
Karen Cervantes, Lebanon
Gerardine Ferlins, Hollis
Theresa Gridley, East Hampstead
Carol Holden, Amherst
Katie Horgan, Amherst
Nancy Kindler, Epping
Jane Morse, North Hampton
Rachel Norton, Hudson
Georgia Palmieri, Keene
Linda Paul, Bedford
Renee Plummer, Portsmouth 
Lyndsay Robinson, Manchester
Ann Roemer, Dover
Stella Scamman, Stratham
Leigh Ann Shriver, Manchester
Teri Synborski, Londonderry