CEI Today: Net neutrality, electric utility regulation, AT&T-DirecTV deal, and more

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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Openmarket.org: The Premises of Net Neutrality


Special interests want the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate the content flows and grid infrastructure, the prices and services of the Internet via something called net neutrality. They actually are quite open about wanting government regulated monopoly power.

Regulation like net neutrality devolves into cronyism. It was also rooted in cronyism.
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> Interview Wayne Crews




Globalwarming.org: President’s Reported Climate Plan Would Subject State Energy Planning to EPA Control

President Obama reportedly is considering a climate change plan that would upend oversight of the electric industry in all 50 States– without a popular mandate from either the Congress or a single State Legislature.

The regulation of electricity provision has been the primary preserve of the States since the New Deal.  > Read more

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Tuesday, May 20, 12:00PM

Bridging the Gap Infrastructure Policy for Advanced Vehicles

Featuring Myron Ebell, Director of the Center for Energy & Environment, Competitive Enterprise Institute


AT&T agreed Sunday to purchase DirecTV for $67b in cash, stock, and acquired debt. If federal regulators approve the deal, the combined firm will serve nearly 26 million U.S. television subscribers—a figure dwarfed only by Comcast and Time Warner Cable, who also await the federal government’s permission to consummate their proposed merger.

Should the FCC and the Department of Justice—both of which will likely review the AT&T-DirecTV deal—approve the sale? Yes, as far as consumers are concerned. The combined firm will be better positioned to bargain for lower programming costs, which in recent years have been the major driver of rising pay-television subscription fees. Together, AT&T and DirecTV should also be able to offer a superior bundled product to the tens of millions of Americans passed by AT&T’s legacy DSL network, which offers voice and broadband but not television.

> Interview Ryan Radia


Red Tapeworm 2014: a new series taking a walk through some sections of Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State.

Regulations Cost More than Federal Income Taxes

Regulations Catching Up to Government Spending?

Reckoning the Dollar Cost of Federal Regulation

Tardy Bureaucrats Gone Wild

Guess Which Is the Largest Government on Earth?

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