Guinta For Congress - Secretary Shinseki Needs to Resign


The Department of Veterans Affairs Needs New Leadership and an Overhaul


Significant problems have been reported in at least eight states regarding the treatment of veterans in VA hospitals. In fact, leaked internal memos have shown officials in charge knew of the abuses, the secret waiting lists, and yet still failed to act. This is a national emergency requiring an immediate solution.

After hearing from veterans, and participating in several veteran related events over the past week, including a trip to Rochester’s VFW last night, Frank Guinta is calling on Secretary Eric Shinseki of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to resign:

“I do not take this position lightly. Secretary Shinseki is a man of honor who has served our Nation with distinction and great courage. In light of recent developments however, the VA is in need of new leadership to take control of a disaster that is rapidly spiraling out of control.

In order to rectify this problem, several things need to occur. There must be some accountability. Those responsible for this catastrophe must be fired or resign immediately. It is clear we are in desperate need of an independent investigation, one not run out of the White House, which focuses on getting to the root causes of this dysfunction. Once this investigation is complete, an overhaul must be done to refocus the Agency on its core functions, streamlining the bureaucracy and increasing the quality of care. I will continue working with veterans and associated organizations to ensure they receive the greatest care this nation has to offer”