NHDP ONLINE CAMPAIGN: Scott Brown The Phony Denounces Washington Gridlock, Then Creates Some of His Own

Brown Puts HIS Interests First
Concord, NH— The New Hampshire Democratic Party today launches an online campaign showing how phony Scott Brown denounces Washington gridlock and partisanship one day, then, when it serves his interest,  creates some of his own — even when it means killing a bill that would create jobs and save consumers billions.
Last week, it was reported that Brown called Republican Senators to kill the bipartisan Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill because he thought doing so would help his candidacy for U.S. Senate by denying Sen. Jeanne Shaheen a legislative victory. Brown worked to kill the bill, despite the fact it would've created nearly 200,000 jobs and saved taxpayers billions. Even U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte voted for the bipartisan legislation because she knew it was good for New Hampshire.  

After spending days refusing to come clean about Brown's lobbying, his campaign finally admitted to the Concord Monitor that he in fact spoke with multiple Republican Senators to rally opposition. 
“Scott Brown is a phony. One day he rails against gridlock and the next day, he’s creating it — putting his interests ahead of the people of New Hampshire, killing jobs and billions in savings for taxpayers,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “He can call it whatever he wants, but the reality is that he rallied opposition to kill Senator Shaheen's bipartisan, job-creating bill. Scott Brown stopped this important legislation from passing, playing politics with a bill supported by Democrats and Republicans alike, including Senator Kelly Ayotte."
Click here to view the NHDP’s new web video.