AFPNH - Can you believe this?


Today Governor Hassan signed into law a 23% increase in the gasoline tax.  Now, every time you fill up your tank, it will cost you more... all to pay for bigger government.

The 23% gasoline tax increase is the latest in a series of higher taxes you will pay to support bigger government programs, like ObamaCare.  

Now is the time to take action!

With this legislative session winding down, it is time for us to reach out to our friends and neighbors to make sure they know their taxes are going up courtesy of many of their legislators in Concord and encourage them to join us as we fight to get New Hampshire back on the path to economic prosperity!

Every Wednesday night, we host phone banks in our Manchester office located at 340 Granite Street and every weekend our volunteers our out in neighborhoods knocking doors to spread our message of economic freedom.  

Please reach out to Matt or Ross for more details and to join us.   

We cannot turn over our state to the next generation bogged down with high taxes and government programs no one wants.  Take action with us so we can turn New Hampshire around!

Live Free or Die,

Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity - New Hampshire