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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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The Hill: Bridging the Gap Infrastructure Policy for Advanced Vehicles

With the growth of advanced fuels and vehicles in the consumer marketplace, what policies and investments -- if any -- should the government make to spur demand and further innovation?
Does Washington have any responsibility to directly or indirectly fund the infrastructure advanced vehicles need?
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Mugged by the State: When Regulators and Prosecutors Bully Citizens

In this Cato Institute forum, CEI's William Yeatman discusses the inadequacies of FERC’s oversight of energy markets. Energy markets are too complex and evolving too fast to allow for effective federal oversight. Because regulation is impossible, an alternative is competitive discipline engendered by liberalized markets. And yet FERC has been moving in the opposite direction, in particular with the socialization of transmission costs. > View the discussion

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Openmarket.org: Consumers Will Win in Combined AT&T-DirecTV

AT&T agreed Sunday to purchase DirecTV for $67b in cash, stock, and acquired debt. If federal regulators approve the deal, the combined firm will serve nearly 26 million U.S. television subscribers—a figure dwarfed only by Comcast and Time Warner Cable, who also await the federal government’s permission to consummate their proposed merger.

The combined firm will be better positioned to bargain for lower programming costs, which in recent years have been the major driver of rising pay-television subscription fees. 
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Red Tapeworm 2014: a new series taking a walk through Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State.

Regulations Cost More than Federal Income Taxes

Regulations Catching Up to Government Spending?

Reckoning the Dollar Cost of Federal Regulation

Tardy Bureaucrats Gone Wild

Guess Which Is the Largest Government on Earth?

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Phones On a Plane

CEI Fellow Marc Scribner supports the FCC’s attempt to lift a ban on in-flight cell phone use, and explains its broader legal ramifications.

Saturday, 10am ET


Helicopter Parents or Free-Range Kids? - with guest
Lenore Skenazy

Culture Is Key to Companies’ Enduring Success - with guest
Rich Karlgaard, Publisher of Forbes Magazine

An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State