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I believe that the unique joys of another special legislative session loom on the horizon for the New Hampshire legislature. The purpose of the session will be the byzantine creature known as the Medicaid Enhancement Tax but we might just as easily call it the current budget crisis. Some legislators deny the existence of a crisis. They’re wrong.

The current crisis has come about as the courts have ruled a weird tax scheme of ours unconstitutional and placed almost $400 million the state is counting on for its budget in jeopardy. Solutions are swirling in Concord and some sort of Grand Alliance may yet come together but a solution must be reached by June 5 or a special session will be required. In the meantime, the governor’s delay in taking simple steps of preparation is inexplicable.....Click here to keep reading.


"I hoped for both the routine hiring freeze every governor does and the additional spending reductions most governors make. Today’s actions are the first small step to respond to the problem but she should also make real spending cuts by executive order as recent governors have done. In the last two decades, itemized spending reductions have accompanied freezes nine times. Nonetheless, I want to thank her for listening.” Click here to keep reading.