NHDP - Brown’s Phony Denials Can’t Hide His Political Maneuvering To Kill Bipartisan Energy Efficiency Bill

"Who does Scott Brown think he’s fooling?" 
 Brown’s Phony Denials Can’t Hide His Political Maneuvering To Kill Bipartisan Energy Efficiency Bill
After Admitting He Called GOP Senators To Oppose The Bill, Brown Offers Lame Denials
Concord, NH – After admitting he called Republican Senators to rally opposition to bipartisan energy efficiency legislation, Scott Brown is now offering lamedenials in a breathtakingly unbelievable attempt to change the facts.
“Who does Scott Brown think he’s fooling?” asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain, pointing to the facts about Scott Brown’s efforts to kill the Shaheen-Portman bill to deny Sen. Jeanne Shaheen a legislative victory. “Scott Brown helped kill nearly 200,000 jobs by looking out for himself."
Brown’s campaign admitted to the Concord Monitor he “did talk to a number of Republican senators about the bill,” and Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte told the Huffington Post she discussed the bill with Brown.  News reports showed Brown acting to stop Shaheen’s bill. 
But now, Brown is flat denying the facts.
“Scott Brown put his own interests ahead of the people of New Hampshire, and he got caught, no lame denials are going to change that and phony doesn’t cut it in New Hampshire,” said McClain.
May 12, 2014: Republican Senators Killed Shaheen-Portman
·         The Hill: “Senate Republicans on Monday blocked bipartisan-energy efficiency legislation and derailed a promised vote on the Keystone XL pipeline, striking a blow against two Democratic incumbents facing tough re-election races. Only three Republicans, including its chief GOP sponsor, Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio), voted to end debate and move to a final vote.” [The Hill, 5/12/14]
May 14, 2014: Reports Emerge That Brown Worked To Kill Shaheen-Portman
·         Huffington Post: “New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown called Senate Republican leadership to urge them to stop a bipartisan energy efficiency bill, so as not to give Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.), the bill's Democratic sponsor and his Democratic opponent, something to run on.” [Huffington Post, 5/14/14
·         Politico: “Brown campaign communications director Elizabeth Guyton would not confirm the report last night, but did not dispute it.” [Politico, 5/14/14]
May 15th: Sen. Kelly Ayotte Says Brown Called Her,  Was Opposed To Shaheen-Portman
·         Huffington Post: “Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) explained Thursday why she voted to support legislation by her Democratic counterpart, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), despite a call from a fellow Republican who opposed the bill.” [Huffington Post, 5/15/2014]
May 16th: Brown Spokeswoman Admits He Talked To GOP Senators About Shaheen-Portman
·         Concord Monitor: “But on Friday, after Ayotte’s comments that she talked to Brown but he didn’t lobby her, Guyton addressed the accusations more fully. Brown did talk to a number of Republican senators about the bill because he was concerned about a Keystone vote, but ‘he wasn’t lobbying,’ Guyton said. The position he shared with them is the same position he’s stated publicly, she said.” [Concord Monitor, 5/18/14
·         NashuaTelegraph: “Then last week, we have confirmed reports that Brown had been calling senators about trying to defeat the bipartisan energy-efficiency bill that Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., authored with Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio.” [Nashua Telelgraph, 5/18/2014]
May 19th: Brown Tries To Deny It All
·         WMUR:  “BROWN: “They’re blaming me. Apparently while I’m driving my truck through New Hampshire I, apparently, derailed a bill in Washington. I have this amazing power, I guess.” REPORTER: “Did you actively advocate against the passage of Jeanne Shaheen’s energy bill?” BROWN: “No, I didn’t. And I find it actually sad that in Washington when there are failures they look outside themselves and try to blame other people for this.” [WMUR, 5/19/14]