NHDP - Nastiness and Disrespect Have Become The Norm in Mowers-Led NHGOP

Testimony Proves GOP Hopeful Chris Christie Faces Daunting Challenges in The Granite State

Concord, NH-- New Hampshire Republican Party Executive Director Matt Mowers's subpoenaed testimony in New Jersey today is shining new light on NHGOP Executive Director Matt Mowers and his involvement in Christie's corrupt administration and campaign. Mowers has been the focal point of New Hampshire voters’ brutally honest introduction to Chris Christie’s brand of revenge motivated politics. 

"Since Matt Mowers started working in New Hampshire, it has become clear that our state's proud political tradition has been infiltrated by the dirty style of politics that Mowers and his former boss Chris Christie represent," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Lucas Meyer. "This disrespectful, nasty style of bully politics is not the New Hampshire way of doing things and Granite State voters will undoubtedly reject their shady methods."

While Mowers was sent to New Hampshire to lay the groundwork for Governor Christie’s 2016 run for President, he has accomplished the exact opposite: eroding Christie’s standing with Granite State voters. Beyond that, he has turned the New Hampshire Republican Party into a spiteful, nasty shell of its former self. Coverage of Mowers involvement in the BridgeGate scandal, as well as his own ‘rude’ and ‘dirty’ political tactics are poisoning Christie’s chances in our critical first in the nation primary. Public polls show Christie’s numbers have taken a nose dive over the last several months.

It was also recently revealed that Scott Brown’s campaign manager, Colin Reed, has had his emails and correspondences subpoenaed for his involvement in Christie's Bridge scandal and the consequent national fall out. Reed has led dishonest attempts to cover up Brown's latest scandal in which he lobbied Senate Republicans to kill a popular and bipartisan energy bill in order to advance his own campaign's agenda.

"It is clear that the nasty, callous, and disrespectful behavior embodied by Christie and his staff have grown to near epidemic levels within the New Hampshire Republican Party. Granite Staters don't deserve this level of political toxicity," added Meyer.




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Mowers Was Described As "Rude" With "No Regard" For Staff According to a Business New Hampshire editorial, the editor described his interaction with Matt Mowers at a non-political event saying, "These operatives had no regard for our staff, to whom they were rude or to the fact that they were not at a political event." [Business NH Magazine, 5/2/14]

  • Editor Asked If New Jersey Politics Had Infiltrated New Hampshire. According to a Business New Hampshire editorial, the editor continued to describe his interaction with Matt Mowers at a non-political event saying, "But is this what NH politics is coming to, taking cues from TMZ? Haven’t we been known for civil conversation because we’ll likely be at a board meeting next week with those whom we disagree? Does NH really want to import a New Jersey campaign style that does away with civil discourse?" [Business NH Magazine, 5/2/14]