- Prairie chickens cost a fortune


Prairie chickens cost taxpayers a fortune
State aircraft are flying to Kansas and transporting prairie chickens back to the Land of Lincoln. And at a time state lawmakers are looking at raising the state income tax, Illinois state employees have been hiking across Kansas trapping these chickens.

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 Is Gov. Walker's job creation flawed?

The left thinks they’ve got Gov. Scott Walker’s number — his jobs creation number. Walker’s ambitious campaign pledge in 2010 that the battered Badger State economy would create 250,000 jobs during the course of his first term is, at present, about 150,000 jobs off the mark.

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Watch Creepy Uncle Sam make it rain

Creepy Uncle Sam is back, and he’s making it rain for “glitchy IT contractors” in the latest Generation Opportunity video. The video pokes fun at all the money the government threw at contractors to setup and maintain health exchanges and is part of latest anti-Obamacare ad campaign by Generation Opportunity, a conservative organization targeting young people.

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