WINDHAM- Scott Brown awarded Janice Leahy, a small business owner from Windham, with the first Women for Brown "Hero" Award in recognition of her efforts to maintain her business in a tough environment. Under Obamacare, Leahy's insurance premiums have increased 85 percent. Brown presented Leahy with the award to recognize her unbroken entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to community.
“I'm pleased to award Janice with a Hero Award to celebrate her determination to maintain a business despite government red tape and burdensome regulations that make for a very tough environment not only for women-oriented businesses, but for everyone. It is very troubling to listen to Janet’s story - hardworking individuals should not have to make difficult choices that cost more money for worse coverage—it is not fair.  That's why I support full repeal of Obamacare.”
Janice explained her health care insurance premiums increased due to Obamacare from $1,539.00 to $2,841.52 over the course of a year—a total increase of $1,302.52 per month. This sharp cost increase forced her to switch to a different plan with less coverage and a higher deductible.
“I have worked hard to build my business despite the challenges that exist in this economy and the astronomical cost increases from Obamacare are unsustainable. I appreciate that Scott Brown recognizes the hardships that small businessowners face in these challenging times and wants to fight for a change. All the new regulations coming out of Washington are making things harder. I hope Scott Brown is our next Senator because he seems to understand that sometimes the best thing Washington can do is just get out of the way," said Leahy, owner of OIKOS Software and L&V Partners, a financial professional service firm.
The Women for Brown "Hero" Awards are meant to recognize individuals who are contributing to the economic life of New Hampshire, helping our community thrive and building strong families, sometimes despite adverse circumstances.