Guinta For Congress - Congresswoman Shea-Porter owes New Hampshire an Explanation


Failures of Government Mount as Congresswoman Shea-Porter Does Nothing

The fallout from the Veterans Affairs crisis continues. A month has passed since the story broke that up to 40 veterans in Phoenix died waiting to see doctors. Despite sitting on the Military Personnel Subcommittee on the House Armed Services Committee, the Congresswoman refuses to hold anyone accountable because of her unwavering loyalty to President Obama instead of the American people.

Just in the last year, the United States has seen the perils of big government, from the IRS targeting of conservative groups, to the recent VA scandal to most notably the ObamaCare website fiasco. Yet Congresswoman Shea-Porter has called for exactly zero accountability.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“The VA Crisis is emblematic of a larger point, in Carol Shea-Porter’s world, government cannot be too big, and when it fails, no one is responsible except for those with whom she disagrees. I frequently hear that people want accountability, solutions, and a limited but effective government. We have seen evidence of massive mismanagement and intentional deception, yet we have not heard a single word of substance from our Congresswoman. Where is her outrage? Where is the leadership? New Hampshire deserves an explanation and a leader who will stand up for the American people in Washington.”