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308,000 Virginia voters registered in other states

Some 308,000 Virginia voters are also registered elsewhere, according to an analysis of 22 states’ election records. The finding follows’s report of 44,000 people who appear to be registered in both Virginia and Maryland. The latest survey found the 308,000 double registrations by matching names, birth dates and the last four digits of Social Security numbers.

 How will Virginia solve this gap in the process?

Are prairie chickens worth the investment?

State aircraft are flying to Kansas and transporting prairie chickens back to the Land of Lincoln. And at a time state lawmakers are looking at raising the state income tax, Illinois state employees have been hiking across Kansas trapping these chickens. Talk about fowl fiscal deed.

At a time when both our federal and state government are running massive deficits, is this really the best use of taxpayer money?

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Florida VA gives veterans the boot

Florida veterans were denied their PTSD treatment due a clerical error. For these veterans, they were denied because their service dogs lacked the right paperwork.

NM congressional candidate guilty of slashing tires

After his loss, Gary Smith was found guilty of slashing the tires of his opponent and former campaign manager. The article cites poor sportsmanship as a cause of vandalism to the vehicles.

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