NHDP - ICYMI: NH Reporters Acknowledge Havenstein Campaign In A Tail Spin

Havenstein Campaign Labeled "Amateur," Not Ready For Prime Time

Following a series of reports this week that reiterated Maryland multi-millionaire Walt Havenstein not only doesn't understand the priorities important to Granite Staters, but also doesn't understand how our state government functions, New Hampshire reporters began to comment on his campaign's tail spin. On the NHPR program The Exchange this morning, a group of reporters discussed the Havenstein campaign as "amateur" and not ready for prime time.


HOST: One other political story this week, it's another Republican story.  Gubernatorial candidate, Walt Havenstein, was out on the campaign trail this week and he made a little bit of news with a couple of his comments.  Jeff, what did the candidate have to say?
0:13 JEFF FEINGOLD (NHBR): First of all he was asked about this proposed constitutional amendment to support same-sex equality, basically it's an amendment that says you can't discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.  He said to a reporter that he would veto that constitutional amendment, which apparently would be a unique act in New Hampshire history because a Governor can't do that.  So he's shown a little lack of understanding there. But apparently in the same interview he said some very disparaging things about our current commissioner of resources and economic development, Jeff Rose, which basically said--who had worked for BAE Systems for many years, very well known--and actually when he was appointed by Governor Hassan, they said, 'what are you doing appointing this Republican and all this stuff--a person with Republican ties.  But he said some very disparaging things about Commissioner Rose, who wisely has not commented on anything.  But it makes you realize that you really need to be ready for primetime when running for office and he's making these really rookie mistakes.  I don't even know if they're rookie mistakes--they're amateur mistakes and I think his staff is realizing that he needs to have a little more prepping on how to talk with people.
1:44 HOST: Norma your reaction to this and the Republican race for Governor more generally?
1:47 NORMA LOVE (AP): Well I think that the Republicans wanted when they recruited Havenstein-- In a way, they didn't think they had a strong enough candidate in Andrew Hemingway.  So now I wonder who's advising him because he's not being, as Jeff said, he's not coming out of the box really, really working the game the way they thought he would.  I mean he's got a lot of money, he can pay his way but can he come out and make a statement that says, 'me not her, me not Hemingway.'  And right now he's stumbling and I-- It's early, there is plenty of time to recover but the polls are not showing that Hassan has any trouble and as a first term governor the only governor in recent memory that we haven't reelected is Craig Benson and there is a lot of things going on when he was governor that had upset his own party so Hassan hasn't done that so I think that he's got a ways to go more than just having money.
3:00 HOST: Gary?
3:00 GARRY RAYNO (UNION LEADER): As Norma said he's got some very good people advising him and I mean why he's out there saying this and they haven't prepped him a little better is kind of amazing I think. 

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