MANCHESTER- During an interview with FOX & Friends this morning, Scott Brown addressed the ongoing controversy at the VA, and why Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki should step aside.

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STEVE DOOCY: You called for Eric Shinseki's resignation the first week in November. It's interesting, though, now this is bipartisan. There are a number of Republicans and Democrats who say he has got to go.
SCOTT BROWN: Well that's true. It shouldn't take more deaths and more people slipping through the cracks because Moms and families are asking how many people are going to die or slip through the cracks before you lose your job? It's no different in this instance where you have somebody who has given great service to our country, but he needs to go. The President needs to set the tone. He needs to set the agenda. And he needs to let the veterans know that he's serious about really changing and clarifying and fixing this very real problem.
DOOCY: Sure. What happened to this year of action that the President was talking about where I got a pen and I got a phone and I'll get stuff done? He could fix this pronto, but instead he says, I'm going to wait for another report. We've already heard from the IG of the VA and he's already said, yep, they've had these gaming strategies going on for years.
BROWN: Listen, you know it as well as I know it. We don't need need anymore studies. We don't need anymore hearings. There are bills on Harry Reid's desk. I'm not shocked, I'm just going to say, it's not uncommon to have bills sitting on Harry Reid's desk. They could address this in a moment's notice. They could fix it, make it a priority, but they're not. They're playing political games with it and they need to do what's right for our veterans. As I was around yesterday on Memorial Day doing many parades and the day before, the one theme that I heard is when is the President, when is the Senate going to do something about this? And I have as you know called for this to be fixed right away. My opponent Senator Shaheen is with the President once again. As you know she votes 99% of the time. You think there is 1% of the time she would agree with our veterans and do what's right for them.