Hemingway For Governor - Andrew to Attend Seacoast GOP After Hours Event; Announces Tax-Holiday Proposal to Spur Tourism



Manchester, NH –Candidate for New Hampshire Governor, Andrew Hemingway, will speak before the Seacoast Republicans at their “GOP After Hours” event.  (Details below.) While there, Andrew intends to announce his latest solutions-based plan to spur economic growth in New Hampshire.

“If we want more people injecting money into our small businesses here, let’s give them a reason to,” Hemingway said.  “I am announcing my plan for a ‘Tax-free Holiday’ Program.  We have seen Massachusetts do it for the sale tax and it’s very effective.  Let’s do it for our inflated Rooms and Meals Tax.”

Andrew’s proposal calls for one weekend per quarter free of the Rooms and Meals Tax across New Hampshire.  Each weekend would be determined to be the lowest revenue weekend according to an average of the past three years, as determined by the State.

“There is a reason Macy’s gives you a coupon.  They don’t want to just give something away, they want to get you in the store and get you to come back.  Let’s get creative and do the same thing.  Maybe someone from Massachusetts has never been out to dinner here in Hampton an decides to do so because its tax free that weekend, and likes the restaurant or hotel so much decides to return regularly, maybe while here they visit a State Park or shop at our liquor stores,” Hemingway said. “Let’s look at the long term economic benefits of drawing a new tourism flow and of helping New Hampshire families get a little break four times a year in this tough economy. “

Andrew will discuss this and more about his economic policy this evening.  Media wishing to speak with Andrew may do so by calling Alicia Preston at phone number above.


By, Seacoast Republican Committee

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Victoria Inn,

430 High Street

Hampton, NH