MANCHESTER – This morning on WGIR's New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath, Senate Republican Majority Leader Jeb Bradley endorsed Scott Brown. Describing him as a "live free or die type of guy" with strong New Hampshire ties, Bradley cited Brown’s commitment to getting our economy going, keeping taxes low and solving our nation’s energy problems.

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JACK HEATH: Before I let you go, yesterday, Senator Kelly Ayotte, former Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek, two former Governors Craig Benson, Steve Merrill all stood and endorsed Scott Brown. That contested GOP primary in Nashua. Are you going to if asked, are you going to jump on this bandwagon and endorse Scott Brown, yes or no?
SENATOR JEB BRADLEY: I think Scott’s doing a really good job and he’s a good friend and I haven’t talked to him in a few weeks, I’ve been pretty myself, but that’s certainly where I’m headed. I think that we need to bring voices like Scott Brown to Washington to protect taxpayers, to try to grow our economy, and to solve our nation’s problems, and I think that Scott’s, anybody that meets him really likes him, first of all, he’s a very down to earth guy. I don’t think that anybody that I’ve talked to is worried about the fact that he is from Massachusetts and now has moved back to New Hampshire, because guess what, he was born here. He acts like he’s been here all his life. I think he’s got New Hampshire values, he’s a live free or die type of guy, he’ll bring that to Washington and I think that’s what we need to get our economy going, to solve energy problems that we have in this country, and to deal with our health care issue, and to have strength in foreign policy. You know, the issue that you keep talking about, the VA health care system that has failed veterans in the United States over the last few years, someone like Scott Brown is just not going to waste any time. He’ll get in, roll up his sleeves, and say we got to fix this.
HEATH: Sounds like a Bradley endorsement to me.
BRADLEY: I guess so, doesn’t it.