Rubens For US Senate - Statement on IG Report on Veterans Administration

Jim Rubens, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, issued the following statement in response to a preliminary report released today by the Veterans Administration Inspector General indicating that potentially criminal scheduling practices are widespread:


"It is disgusting and horrifying that government employees are profiting as our vets are being denied the medical care we owe them. It is deeply corrosive to public confidence in government that this likely criminal behavior is widely systemic.


"The IG report also discloses that members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee were informed about these problems back in 2012.  Grandstanding today by Senators who knew about this problem two years ago does not absolve them for their failure to demand and get action.


"Veterans who have been waiting for care must immediately be given vouchers to receive treatment at the hospital or clinic of their choice.  When I go to Washington, I will raise the rafters and demanding solutions so this will never, ever, happen again."