NHDP - DNC, NHDP Chair Protect NH’s First in the Nation Status

Concord, NH-- For years the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has defended and supported New Hampshire's proud "First in the Nation" status. Today, the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee continued that tradition by adopting a measure that takes the next step to fortify and maintain New Hampshire's First in the Nation status by proposing February 9, 2016, for the New Hampshire Democratic Primary. This date, along with the three other early state dates, complies with New Hampshire state law and will ensure that Secretary of State Bill Gardner has the tools he needs to continue this proud New Hampshire tradition.

While the Republican National Committee has planned to protect New Hampshire as one of the four early states, it did not establish a set date for New Hampshire, merely stating that the primary would be held in February. The DNC took the step of securing that New Hampshire’s primary, which follows the Iowa Caucuses, will take place on February 9th, 2016.

“I’m glad that the RNC took the step of ensuring New Hampshire’s primary took place in February, but the DNC sealed the deal today by taking the next vitally important step to protect New Hampshire’s First in the Nation status,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “By putting the Iowa Caucus a full week before and the Nevada caucus 11 days after the New Hampshire primary, we are ensuring that the candidates have the maximum amount of time to meet and get to know the voters of New Hampshire. I look forward to coordinating with Bill Gardner to retain New Hampshire’s important place as the first presidential primary state.”

The New Hampshire Democrats have always obtained a waiver from the Democratic National Committee thanks to the efforts of Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and NHDP Chairs Kathy Sullivan and Ray Buckley.

The date chosen by the RBC for New Hampshire complies with current New Hampshire law, which states no similar contest can be held 7 days prior or after New Hampshire’s Primary. Today’s vote shows the DNC’s commitment to Secretary of State Bill Gardner’s role in protecting the Primary.

In 2012 and 2008, the RNC penalized the NHGOP Delegations when the primary was moved ahead of the set window to preserve our First in the Nation status.

The calendar set today by the RBC also provides for the latest date for a New Hampshire Primary since 1992:
·         January 10th, 2012
·         January 8th, 2008
·         January 27th, 2004
·         February 1st, 2000
·         January 29th, 1996
·         February 18th, 1992